U-Turns in residential districts are legal:

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Residential areas are becoming increasingly crowded, but the government is doing its best to make these places more affordable.

The real estate industry is a very competitive one. The demand is increasing day by day. People are looking forward to good deals, but most houses are priced at high rates due to the competition.

But there is a positive change taking place in the real estate market. The government is planning to make the price of the houses reasonable, as the supply is going down.

The government is planning to introduce a new scheme; called u-turns in residential districts are legal to provide cheap homes to the people.

What Are U-Turns In Residential Areas?

U-turn is a concept introduced by the government to provide cheap housing. It is a scheme that the National Housing Bank has launched aimed at providing low-cost housing in urban areas.

It is a scheme in which people can buy a house at a discounted rate and then later sell it at a higher rate. This scheme is very helpful for people who cannot afford expensive homes.

How Does The U-Turns Scheme Work?

The scheme works as follows:

  • People can invest in a house for a specific period.
  • Then they can sell the house at the price they wish.
  • They can use the money to pay off the loan for other purposes.
  • The government determines the price at which the people can sell their homes.
  • There are certain conditions under which the buyer cannot sell the house at a higher price.

These conditions are as follows:

  • If the house has been sold once to the buyer, they cannot sell it again at a higher price.
  • If the buyer has sold the house to someone else, they cannot sell it again at a higher price.
  • The maximum value that the buyer can sell the house at is limited to 20 times the original purchase amount.
  • The buyer must follow the same process to buy a house they purchased.
  • The maximum time the buyer can stay in the house is two years.

Benefits of U-Turns in Residential Areas

The following are the benefits that come along with the U-turns scheme:

  • If the home is not sold, then the home can be used as a holiday home.
  • Homeowners can get the benefits of a new house, as the home has been used as a holiday home.
  • They can sell it at a higher price.
  • The house could have been sold at a higher price if it was not sold earlier.
  • The scheme has a huge potential to save the lives of people.
  • The money that the buyer gets can be used for other purposes.


It is a good idea to start investing in residential areas. This scheme will help people to save a lot of money. The scheme is a great opportunity for people to earn more, but only if they have good credit.

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