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If you are planning to visit the USA in the future, you might come across some legal issues. If you are not a native speaker, then it can be really tough for you to understand the legal jargon and the legal wrong crossword system of the country.

The United States is a huge country, and the laws can differ from state to state and from one city to another. It is not easy for the natives of the country to understand the legal terminology, so it is better to get a piece of advice from a lawyer who has experience in that field.

Here are the top 10 legal wrong crosswords you will face while visiting the USA:

1. I was driving in a parking lot and got a ticket

If you are getting a ticket while driving in a parking lot, then the first thing that will pop up in your mind is that it is a legal mistake. The parking lot is considered a public place, and no one is allowed to ticket the cars which are parked in the parking lot.

2. My husband didn’t sign the papers for my citizenship

If you want to become a citizen of the US, then you need to go through the citizenship test, so the most important document is the marriage certificate. The law requires that you must get your spouse’s signature on the document; otherwise, the documents will not be valid.

3. The store didn’t return the items to me

Returning a purchased item is not a legal wrong, but if you are returning a stolen item, then it is a legal wrong.

4. They didn’t pay me the rent

Landlords must pay the rent to the tenants. If you are a tenant and you didn’t get any rent from the landlord, then you can claim the money.

5. I signed a contract, but I didn’t read it

A contract is not a legal wrong, but if you have signed a contract without reading it, then it is a legal wrong. You must read the contract before signing it.

6. I wasn’t given a parking space

If you are a driver and you haven’t been given parking space, then it is a legal wrong.

7. I was arrested, and my friend didn’t bail me out

If you are arrested, and your friend doesn’t bail you out, then you can file a lawsuit against him.

8. I was assaulted, and no police report was filed

If you were assaulted and no police report was filed, then it is a legal wrong. It is a requirement for the police to file a report after the assault.

9. I was accused of a crime, but the police didn’t arrest me

In some cases, the police are required to arrest someone even though he is accused of a crime.

10. I was arrested, and there was no warrant

If you are arrested, and there is no warrant for your arrest, then it is a legal wrong.


If you are planning to visit the USA, Please Follow these Instructions.

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