Legal Terms Explained: How You Can Use Them Properly

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A legal term is a phrase used in law that is often unfamiliar to most people. A legal term is important because it is used in legal documents and proceedings. It is crucial to understand a legal term’s meaning before using it in legal documents. If you are unaware of the meaning of a legal term, you might use it wrongly and get in trouble. In the past, when there was no internet and legal papers were written on paper, understanding the meaning of legal terms was easier. But now, the number of online legal documents is increasing, and people are using the internet to check the meaning of legal terms. The internet is an amazing source of information and has made our lives easier. Now, we can easily get the definition of a legal term, which was earlier difficult to understand.

The following is the list of some legal terms you should know.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas corpus is a Latin term that means “you may have the body.” It is a writ to prevent a person from being held in custody or restrained of their liberty without trial.

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is an order issued by a court to a police officer or other person to arrest a person suspected of committing a crime.

Criminal Prosecution

If you have committed any offense, you must take action against yourself. It would be best if you were charged and prosecuted for the offense. In a criminal prosecution, you may be prosecuted by the prosecutor.


It is a punishment given to a person who has been found guilty of a crime.


It is money paid by a person to guarantee that he will appear in court when required.

Judicial Review

It is the procedure by which a higher court reviews a lower court’s decision.

Civil Procedure

It is the process by which a person can be sued in a court of law for damages and property loss.

Quo Warranto

It is a legal proceeding that allows a person to challenge the legality of a public office.

Satisfaction of Judgment

This is the procedure by which a person can be required to pay a sum of money to satisfy a judgment.


I hope you understand the meaning of some legal terms and are now ready to use them in legal documents. It is always good to be aware of the meaning of legal terms, as they will help you avoid any misunderstanding in the legal documents.

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