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Legal Hair and Day Spa has been around for more than 40 years and has a staff that feels like family. Its building used to be a steakhouse, and the owners even have a daughter who works there. In the midst of the pandemic, it’s a miracle the business has remained in business for so long. The staff is highly trained, and the owner tries to incorporate her daughter’s personality into every appointment.

Legal Hair & Day Spa is a beauty salon

Established in 1981, Legal Hair & Day Spa offers a variety of hair care, skin, and nail care services. The salon uses beauty products from various manufacturers and specializes in cutting and coloring hair. Facials, skin care, and massage services are also available. The 7,000-square-foot facility is equipped with professional equipment and amenities. Customers are encouraged to book appointments to ensure a timely service.

The beauty salon industry is highly regulated, as it serves hundreds of clients each day. It is essential to properly disinfect all tools and surfaces used in the salon between each client. This includes brushes, combs, and razors. Additionally, employees should disinfect tools frequently, and floor mats and sinks should be kept clean and dry to prevent the spread of germs. The regulations for beauty salons vary depending on the type of business and location.

It offers nail services

In addition to offering a full menu of salon and day spa services, Legal Hair & Day Spa also offers nail services. With 7,000 square feet of space and 21 chairs, the salon is the perfect place to indulge in luxurious spa treatments. Services range from hair color to nail care and re-teturizing. Customers can also enjoy facials, body treatments, and massages. Located in the heart of Steubenville, Ohio, the salon is easily accessible from the city.

As a business owner, you will have a professional relationship with your customers. The front desk representative should be someone with strong customer-service skills. Creating a good first impression will go a long way in building customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business. However, nail salon owners should not underestimate the importance of hiring a strong customer-relationship builder. This person will be the face of your salon, engaging with customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

It offers beauty products

Legal hair and day spa in Steubenville, OH, specializes in beauty products and services. The salon offers hair coloring, re-teturizing services, nail services, and facials. They accept major credit cards and are open by appointment only. Founded in 1981, Legal hair and day spa provides beauty services for men, women, and children. They specialize in innovative cuts and color, as well as re-tats.

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