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Lane splitting is an activity that most people can do on their daily commute without difficulty. While there is nothing wrong with this, some people do it in an unsafe manner, and that can result in accidents.

Lane splitting has become increasingly popular in the United States since it was first legalized by the state of Arizona. Is lane splitting legal in Illinois is now one of the few states to legalize lane splitting.

In fact, the Illinois state legislature passed legislation allowing people to split lanes on highways. This means that if you are driving in Illinois, you can safely pass a car in front of you in order to save time.

What Are The Rules?

If you are planning to lane split, here are the rules you should know before you go ahead with it:

1. Always stay within the lane that is indicated by the direction of traffic

2. Always keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you

3. Avoid driving too close to the centerline

4. Keep the vehicle in your lane at a speed that is reasonable

5. When lane splitting, do not drive in the opposite direction of the vehicle in front of you

6. Stay alert while driving and keep your attention on the road

7. Be aware of the weather and road conditions

8. Do not drive when you are tired

9. If you are using a cellphone while driving, keep it turned off

10. Ensure that your car is equipped with an interlock device that prevents you from starting the engine until the car has stopped

11. Ensure that your license plate is visible to the driver of the vehicle in front of you

12. If you are planning to lane split, use caution and follow the above guidelines


While it is good to be able to lane split, it is still important to practice safe driving. If you are planning to lane split, you should follow all the safety precautions and follow the above guidelines.

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