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Are you thinking about moving from your current place to another country? If yes, then you are not alone. Most people are looking for a better life and want to live in a better place. There are a lot of places available, but not everyone can make a change for themselves.

Moving from one country to another is not a simple task. You need to prepare yourself to make a change because you will be living in a new place, and you need to start a new life. The only way to make a successful change is to follow a good legal alien by pat Mora immigration strategy.

You don’t need to be an expert to make a move; you need to know about the immigration laws of a country and how you can make a difference. Your country’s government will be the best person to guide you in making a move.

The government has different rules for immigrants who want to move to the US in the United States. You need to know about immigration laws before you make a move.

Why Do You Need a Green Card?

A green card is a document issued by the government of the US which allows the immigrant to stay in the US permanently. So, why do you need to have a green card?

1. Permanent residence

There is no limit to the number of years you can stay in the US with a green card. So, it is possible that you can stay in the US for years, and you can even make a living in the US.

2. Job opportunities

You will get job opportunities if you have a green card. Many people are ready to hire you. So, if you have a green card, you can get a great job in a company.

3. Social security

Green card holders will get social security benefits. You can get benefits by making a move to a different country.

4. Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are two medical services provided by the government of the US. You will get these services if you have a green card.

5. Family visas

If you want to move to a new country with your family, you need to ensure that your family is included in the visa.


The above information will help you to understand why you need a green card. So, if you are considering moving to a different country, you can make a difference by following a good immigration strategy.

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