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Compex provides record retrieval, summary, IME interface, and deposition reporting solutions to law firms and insurers nationwide. Their comprehensive, flexible solutions lower costs and cycle times and empower clients to make faster decisions. They streamline claims, legal, and third-party processes to increase efficiency and productivity. These services are designed for law firms and insurance carriers to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve client service. Learn more about the features and benefits of Compex. Compex Legal Services, Inc. was founded in 1972. It is a minority-owned company and an industry leader in litigation support services. With more than 3,500 customers and 20 offices nationwide, Compex Legal Services is the #1 choice for law firms and insurance companies seeking high-quality litigation support. The company provides services to insurance companies, law firms, and other organizations that need legal support. It processes over 500,000 orders annually. It also serves the legal community by providing comprehensive case management software, litigation support, and other resources to attorneys and other legal professionals.

The company focuses on helping law firms and insurance providers manage litigation. The company provides a range of legal services. Its primary industries are insurance and legal support. Its employees are experts in their fields. The company’s CEO oversees its operations. The CEO works closely with the management team to ensure that all clients receive quality services and customer support. It has 20 offices across the United States and employs over 2,300 people. This means that Compex Legal Services has a diverse workforce. Compex Legal Services, Inc. is a former insurance executive. The company was founded in 1972 and operated 20 offices nationwide. In 2014, it had over 3,000 employees. In 2013, it served more than 500 insurance companies and 3,000 law firms. The CEO has a background in litigation support. The company employs more than 2,000 people in more than 30 states. The firm has a diverse customer base, and it continues to grow.

Compex Legal Services is an outsourced legal support service provider. It has 20 offices in the United States. It serves more than 3,000 law firms and more than 500 insurance companies. In 2017, the company processed approximately 500,000 orders per year. Aside from providing legal support, it also offers various other services to its customers. The company has been in business since 1972, and it has many locations throughout the country. There are currently two primary industries: healthcare and insurance. The organization provides litigation services to attorneys and insurers. The company offers a variety of services to law firms. The company specializes in litigation support. It serves law firms, insurance companies, and insurers. It has 20 offices and employees nationwide. The CEO has more than 20 locations. It has a diverse customer base, including 3,000 law firms. The CEO of Compex Legal Services, Inc. also has a CEO. The company’s headquarters are located in California, but the company’s services are distributed across the world.

Compex Legal Services, Inc. provides litigation support services to law firms and insurance companies. It serves over 3,000 law firms and more than 500 insurance companies and processes approximately 500,000 orders a year. Moreover, the company has 20 offices around the country. COMPEX LEGAL SERVICES, INC., a Top Legal Service Provider in the U.S., based in San Francisco, CA

Compex Legal Services, Inc. is a small, minority-owned company in California. The company was established in 1972 and currently has about 5,000 employees in 20 offices throughout the country. The company provides outsourced litigation support services to insurance companies and law firms across the country. Its customers include more than three hundred law firms and 500 insurance companies. Its mission is to help its customers and provide them with superior service at an affordable price.

Compensation at Compex Legal Services is competitive with other firms in the same industry. Its employees earn an average of $40,708 per year. Some positions at Compex Legal Services earn a lot of money. For example, a Senior Team Lead makes about $11404 a year. Another position in the company is a cashier, which earns an average salary of $25294. These are just a few of the many job titles available with Compex Legal Services.