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Strategic Legal Practices is a great place to work if you are interested in an exciting career in litigation, taking depositions, and trial work. In addition to generous compensation, this firm offers structured bonuses for trial work and invests in the growth of its attorneys. The firm is also dedicated to providing a positive work environment, which helps create an environment that fosters growth and retention. If you are interested in working for a company focused on employee satisfaction, Strategic Legal Practices is for you.


Strategic Legal Practices is looking for a full-time onsite Law Clerk. The ideal candidate should have at least two years of experience in the legal field, be proficient in litigation procedures and terminology, and be able to work with clients to prepare documents and respond to inquiries. The position requires teamwork, and bilingualism is an asset. This is an entry-level position but will require a higher degree of responsibility.


The Corporate Office of Strategic Legal Practices is located at 1888 Century Park E, Fl 19 in Los Angeles, California. The firm employs approximately 118 people. The company was established in 2005. Its head office is a prime example of a modern, well-designed business location. Strategic Legal Practices has offices in other cities throughout California, including San Diego, San Francisco, and New York City. Listed below are the locations of the firm’s main offices.

Non-discrimination policy

Non-discrimination policies can provide a business with strong legal protections against discrimination. Employers should ensure that senior leaders and highly compensated employees are treated fairly and equally. In addition to protecting from discrimination, non-discrimination policies can help the business clarify what type of behavior is acceptable for employees. A non-discrimination policy can also help prevent senior leaders from exerting undue pressure on employees.

As the non-discrimination principle is fundamental to human rights, creating and enforcing a policy that covers it is critical. While legislation on the subject can be helpful, many laws only apply to overt forms of discrimination. For instance, job advertisements that specifically state a preference for applicants of a certain racial group are uncommon. Furthermore, laws prohibiting discrimination are not always effective against indirect or systemic forms of discrimination, and it is difficult to distinguish between these forms of discrimination.

Employment opportunities

Strategic Legal Practices is seeking a full-time, bilingual, experienced receptionist to join its team. This position is responsible for greeting clients, handling incoming calls and inquiries, and providing clerical support to the firm’s attorneys. Candidates must be proficient in Spanish or English, and bilingualism is a plus. Strategic Legal Practices is an excellent place to learn and develop as a lawyer. Listed below are some of the job duties for this position.

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