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Some people are against the gun culture, but not all are correct because of the different factors. The truth is that there are more than 300 million guns in the United States alone. The statistics say that the number of weapons is increasing day by day.

Is the question of that, are guns legal?

According to the law, yes, they are, but not all guns are legal. Most people have different types of guns, including air rifles, hunting guns, etc. These guns are not legal to buy as they are considered illegal weapons.

But some people have made their guns legal. Yes, you heard it right. Some people have made their own guns legal and make money by selling them.

What is the difference between legal and illegal guns?

Legal guns are used by government agencies, the military and the police. They are used to kill criminals, terrorists, animals and people. The government also uses guns to protect the people, which is the only weapon that can kill a person instantly.

Illegal guns

Criminals, gangsters and drug dealers use illegal guns. The illegal guns kill innocent people, and the illegal guns are used to shoot down police officers and soldiers.

There is also another type of gun that is illegal, an automatic gun.


So, this was the answer to the question, are guns legal? Yes, they are, but not all guns are legal. The people who make their guns legal are the ones who sell them and make money.

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